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Ayima Insights Training offers a suite of interactive classroom courses across a range of digital marketing subjects. While learning the knowledge that has made us a go-to name in the digital realm, our courses enable you to truly get the most from your marketing campaigns.

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Become a digital marketing expert with Ayima Insights

Recognised in the industry for our unique tools and technology, we've got one mission in mind: to help your brand achieve real, measurable results.

With Insights Training, you get the technical training your company needs straight from our award-winning team of experts. Starting with the basics of SEO and Social Media Advertising with courses in Content Marketing, Data Science, PPC and more being added to the mix very soon, we're keen to share our breadth of knowledge of everything digital.

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Our Digital Marketing Courses


Taught in at Ayima’s London offices, Ayima Insights Training offers a suite of interactive classroom courses across a range of digital subjects such as SEO, Analytics and Paid Media which will help you boost your digital expertise while enhancing your company’s current business strategy.  

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New York

Taught in the heart of Lower Manhattan, Ayima Insights Training offers technical training across SEO and Analytics, ensuring you enhance your analytical marketing skills while accelerating your company’s digital marketing strategy.

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Award-Winning Digital Marketing

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What Previous Attendees Say

British Red Cross

I've had a great morning and loved the clear advice that was explained very well for someone like me who is new to these areas (especially data science!). I definitely feel I can go back to the office and explore our top priority actions and the insight we need to pull from GA.


Excellent! I enjoyed that this session challenged me to think about the reasons to use analytics more than just a "how to". Now I know we need to visit our business questions again and work out how to simplify the data we're pulling.

Thanks for a really great event! The analytics section was particularly useful...and the fry-up wasn't bad either.

I really enjoyed the interactive parts of the training to put what we learned into practice straight away. The final activity was great as well. It was perfect for what I needed!

The best part was the activities! Overall it was a relaxed session with an intimate setup that let us share ideas and have really enjoyable discussions! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend this course to others.


I made loads of notes on questions to answer throughout the day for my products because you guys really drove my thinking on what I could do! The session was much more informative and creative than I’d anticipated which was excellent - also, amazing venue!

I loved everything about this course! I definitely learned a lot more about backlink strategies and 3rd party tools.

A great foundational course for beginners!

Smart presenters who made the content easily digestible. I loved how they broke down SEO into pillars, helping to highlight the importance of technical SEO and it's impact on content.

Really great! I want more members from our content team to join a future session.

Swimsuits For All

I enjoyed the thorough explanation of SEO - from the basics to the technicalities. As a writer, it's important for me to understand the larger picture and how to best optimise content.

Swimsuits For All

I liked hearing how copy and SEO go hand-in-hand! This course was so easy to follow, the instructors were open to questions and the discussions brought up great points that I will take with me. Great course!

British Red Cross

The expertise of the people facilitating the session and the way the information was delivered was easily digestible. It was great to go into more detail about targeting and setting up campaigns and also interesting to see how to get the most out of each channel. Perfect for what I needed!

I definitely gained actionable insight to take away from the session, especially with the walk-throughs of the various platforms being discussed.

Breast Cancer Now

I really enjoyed the practical application and examples of things they were telling us. One of the most insightful aspects was the information and activities showing how to use adverts for supporter journeys. And how to use Pinterest as an ad platform!

Kit and Ace

This session was perfect for what I needed! The presentation was easy to follow, had great discussions with the instructor and I found the broad range of SEO topics plus the insights on the free tools and tests available extremely useful to take away.


A really well prepared session presented by people who knew what they were talking about with real account experience.

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